Forever vintage, is a project created with the intention of sharing unique garments that have been part of our lives, our creative process becoming treasures to care for over time. Now is your turn!! Live the magic of making a garment last in time.

Most Vintage brands do not allow returns, we do because we understand that it may not fit you and we need to find another owner, but we do not refund the money although we will provide you with a coupon with the amount of the garment so that you can exchange it for any other product. We advise you to review the measurements before keeping any garment.

Our Forever vintage collections are unique and timeless. And remember that they keep many stories behind them so their appearance will not be “new”, however that is exactly what makes us fall in love with them.


Flea Market is a project inspired by sustainability, where we give the opportunity to obtain Ten Twelve garments that are prototypes that were never produced but are in perfect condition, or garments that in the production process have acquired some small defect (incorrect measurements, some defect, color differences …) that have never been for sale.

This is the time to acquire them at a fair price, avoiding that they become waste that is burned or shredded causing unnecessary contamination.

Thank you for collaborating with a more sustainable consumption!


Back To Me is a limited edition children’s collection, created from Ten Twelve garments whose imperfections made it impossible to sell. However, thanks to the talent of the Reparte sonrisas project, the materials have been reused, thus reducing the environmental impact.


On Demand is an initiative born from the importance of promoting conscious and responsible consumption, sustainability and respect for the environment, creating garments on demand, avoiding mass production, and working with local workshops in Spain.

We collaborate with the Roure Foundation, which allocates 100% of its income to train women without resources, derived from social entities, to facilitate their labor and social integration.


At Ten Twelve Collection we are adapting our packaging to be more sustainable. These are some of the changes we are implementing to do our bit and help the environment.

– We removed labels from the general collection and changed for a reusable cotton tape.

– All the paper and cardboard we use is recycled.

– The seal is made of kraft paper.

– For delicate items that need extra protection we use biodegradable corn starch filler flakes.

– Whenever we can, we unify shipments to the same address reducing the emission of CO2 in transport, and we adapt the size of the shipping boxes to the items we send, adding paper envelopes so that there is minimal waste and occupying the least amount space in transport.


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